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Prayer Requests & Answers

Let's see how God moves!

Prayer is our strongest weapon against the devil. Please, pray for the requests on this page. When an answer is given we will add it to the request. Lets create a gallery of His power!

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March 16, 2021

#3: Housing Situation

Request: Due to flooding this year, we are looking at building a house. We don't know exactly when this will happen, but please pray for God's guidance as we make this decision. 

This prayer request is slightly changing as we are seeing the needs here at the base. While our housing situation might still change, we feel that God is leading us away from building at this time. Please continue to keep our housing situation in your prayers!

Answer: ?

May 17, 2021

#5: Fixing the Lake Amphibian

Request: As I have begun to work on the planes, that God leads in both the timing of my work and wisdom in maintaining His aircraft. I am trying to get the Lake Amphibian 250 fly again as quickly as possible, so that corrosion does not cause any issues for the engine.

Answer: ?

November, 2020

#1: Luggage/Guitar

Request: We found out while booking our flights that we are only allowed 2 checked bags, 1 carry-on and 1 personal item a piece, which doesn't leave a great deal of space to pack what we need/want to take. The biggest issue is that Brad wants to take a guitar with us. For those of you that know, Brad uses his guitar a lot. Please pray that we pack the right items, but most of all pray that we are able to take Brad's guitar as an additional item and that it isn't damaged in the process.

Answer: The Lord has blessed and we are able to take Brad's guitar as a personal item. This means that we are allowed to take it right onto to plane with us. On top of this due to a situation in mid January, we had to switch airline tickets. This has allowed us 2 70lb checked bags a piece, and a way to buy as many additional bags as we could need. God's unforeseen plans have the most amazing outcomes.

March 16, 2021

#2: Travel Safety

Request: We are boarding our plane at 11:30pm on March 16th, 2021 from the Atlanta Airport. We will be flying through the night and arriving at the Lima Airport around 5:15 am on the 17th. Please, be praying for our safe travel and that there will be no issues with immigration or customs in Peru. 

Answer: God blessed us with a smooth travel experience. Thank you for your prayers!

April 7, 2021

#4: Ear Infection

Request: Jess has been having some issues with an ear infection. She has been able to see a doctor and is on the road to recovery, but still seems to have some fluid in her ears.

Answer: God has allowed Jess to be ear infection clear for the past few weeks! Thank you all so much for your prayers in this matter!

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