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Support Us

Being a missionary is our job, however that does not provide the financial needs of our family and mission. Below we have listed four ways in which you can help us reach our needs. Any gift given is a huge blessing from God.

Support Us: Products

Prayer is literally the backbone of mission work. Our reliance on God is everything. We need prayer warriors! People who lift us up and help us stay strong. Your prayers are what keep us going when we don’t feel we have anything left. Money may buy things, but God is the one that supplies all our needs and at times our wants. Our goal is to serve the people of Peru: through the spreading of the gospel, keeping a plane going, working with the community, and helping support each other. Your prayers are going to have more of an impact then you know.

From time to time we will be posting prayer requests and financial needs in our journal posts. Please, add these items to your own prayer lists. Don’t pray for just us (though we deeply need it), but also pray for the other missionaries and local people that we will be working with and reaching out to. Pray that we are a blessing to each other and that His name be glorified in everything we do; whether in Peru or in the United States.

This is the most streamlined way for you to give donations for our financial support. Peru Projects mission consists of multiple families and individuals. Some are long term staff, others are short term Bible workers to the local jungle villages. We all are in need of food, toiletries, and sometimes a new pair of shoes. Your donations help us a great deal in being able to meet our monthly needs. If you wish to donate through Peru Projects and receive a tax deductible receipt; click here: Peru Projects and fill in the information needed.

  • Online

    • One Time Gift

      1. Go to and hit the “Donate Online” bar, found at the top of the screen.

      2. Select, or enter your donation amount.

      3. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Bradley and Jessica Support,” or any other option where you would like your donation to go.

      4. Click the donate button of your choice (either PayPal or the Debit/Credit Card), and enter your information.

      5. There is a small text box that will say, “Specify Donation (optional)”. You can use this to specify a specific use for your donation funds, such as: Launch/Establishment Costs, or Monthly Stipend.

    • Automatic Monthly Donation    *(You will need a PayPal account, which can be set up easily during the donation process.)

      1. Follow steps 1-3 listed in the One Time Gift option above.

      2. Check the little box that says, “Make this a monthly donation”, found under the drop-down menu.

      3. Click “Donate with PayPal”.

      4. Follow the steps for either signing in, or creating an account.

      5. All automatic monthly donations will be supporting our monthly expenses.

  • Bank Transfer

    • Bank Account: you can set up one time, or automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank to the bank Peru Projects uses.

      1. Name of Bank: Bank of America

      2. Type of Account: Business Fundamentals Checking

      3. Nickname: Peru Projects Inc

      4. Account Number: 355007791083

      5. Memo: Bradley and Jessica Support

  • Personal Check

    • Make your check out to: "Peru Projects"

    • In your Memo line, please specify: “Bradley and Jessica Support” and any specific use for your donation funds, such as: Launch/Establishment Cost, or Monthly Stipend.

    • Mail your check to the address below:

​                       Peru Projects Inc

                       6234 Leighton Ave

                       Lincoln, NE 68507-2458

For donations to other missionary families or bible workers, please specify the family name and purpose for the money. Just as you would for us. For names and needs of these missionaries, contact us.

Brad and I attended the Mandan Seventh-day Adventist church while we lived in Bismarck, North Dakota. We became very involved with its members and quickly found a home there. This will still be our home church back in the United States. They have kindly agreed to be another way for helping get support to us. If you wish to give through them here is how it works:

  • Personal Check

    • Make your check out to: Mandan SDA Church

    • In your Memo line, please specify: “Bradley and Jessica Support” and any specific use for your donation funds, such as: Launch/Establishment Cost, or Monthly Stipend.

    • Mail your check to the address below:


                       Mandan Seventh-day Adventist Church

                       P.O. Box 295

                       Mandan, ND 58554

  • Upon receiving your check, the treasurer will issue you a tax-deductible receipt.

  • Once a month the church treasurer will send a check to Peru Projects on our behalf. If there have been designated donations, an itemized list will be sent with the funds.

  • For donations to other missionary families or bible workers, please specify the family name and purpose for the money, just as you would for us. For names and needs of these missionaries and Peru Projects, feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions you can contact us through our Contact Page or email

This is a special account. We had many friends and family members that wanted to have a way of giving us “hugs” from time to time. So we set up a bank account that allows us to access money from America in Peru. This account is for special needs, unexpected expenses, to help us pay (customs charges) for packages/mail sent, to make the holidays feel like a little piece of home, or just because. Any funds given through this method will not receive a tax deductible receipt. This is literally a gift account. This is not meant to take the place of our monthly stipend, but rather to be a “hug” when one is needed. The funds will be carefully accounted for, prayed over (before being spent), and used at our discretion. If you want to know if we need something or are feeling homesick for anything, feel free to contact us.

There are some items that this fund will especially be used for right off the bat. These are a few of those things:

  • Travel and Baggage: everything we are taking down will be coming on the airplane with us. We will be using storage totes/footlockers and will have extra baggage fees to pay (it is way cheaper and safer than trying to ship things).

  • Furnishing/Establishment: we are moving into an empty house and will need to buy just about everything needed for basic living. This includes everything from a bed and refrigerator, to a washing machine and table. This process will cost several thousand dollars, but is necessary to set up our home.

  • Medical Expenses: some of these funds will help to pay for small bills or co-pays that may come about.

  • Clothing Costs: due to the climate (very humid and hot...all the time), clothes do not last as long as they do back in the States. So, we will find ourselves in need of an item here and there.

  • Homesickness: this is a two fold area. Funds can help us with a planned furlough to be able to fly home.  Or, something as small as a jar of treasured peanut butter (very expensive down there) can go a long way in getting a taste of home.

How this works: Our families have access to this bank account. You can write a check to them with a note stating its purpose and they will have it deposited into our “hugs” account. Please include a preferred way of contact, whether by email or mail. We want to make sure to thank you for these hugs from home.

Jessica’s Parents:

Ed or Deborah Curran

201 Warm Springs Rd

Thermopolis, WY 82443


Bradley’s Parents:

Rod or Nancy Church

2693 Ridgewood Trail

Berrien Springs, MI 49103

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